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2022 Corona Extra Beer 330ml

2022 Corona Extra Beer 330ml / 355ml Wholesale Suppliers

2022 Corona Extra Beer 330ml / 355ml Wholesale Suppliers at Antwerp Belgium. Top beverage distributor and trader. Nevertherless, we are looking for serious customers to maintain long and good business relation with their company so we do offer at very affordable price. We are selling CORONA EXTRA BEER, Fresh production. Bottle Pack 4 x 6 x 330ml. Delivery worldwide.

Item: Corona Beer, Corona Extra Beer
Size: 330ml/355ml Bottles
Packaging: 24  Bottles per Case
Alcohol Content (%): 5
Type: Lager
Variety: Steam Beer
Color: Light
Beer Packaging: Bottle, Can (Tinned)
Shelf Life: 24 Months
Weight (kg): 0.330

Corona Extra Beer 33cl Bottle And Cans Drink Wholesale

4.5% Alcohol Corona Beer Wholesale

2022 Corona Extra Beer 330ml / 355ml Wholesale Suppliers at Antwerp Belgium. Corona is a premium beer, classic and authentic, recognized worldwide for its high quality and refreshing taste. Serve with a lime wedge for an unparalleled flavour of relaxation. Corona Extra is the number one selling beer in Mexico and the leading export brand from Mexico. This pale lager type beer was first brewed in 1925 by Cervecería Modelo, located in Mexico City.

We offer Corona beer products in several different bottle sizes. Corona beer products are produced in Mexico and come with different languages. Corona beer products are available in 210ml (21cl), 330ml (33cl) bottles and 355ml (35,5cl) bottles. Product offers subject to availability.

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Corona Beer
Product type Beer
Alcohol Content4.5%
Shelf life12 months
CertificationIFS and ISO
Processing TypePasteurization

BUY CORONA BEER IN BULK ONLINE - Corona Extra Beer 33cl Bottle2022 Corona Extra Beer 330ml / 355ml Wholesale Suppliers 

Packaging Details

1600 Boxes/ Cartons = 1 FEU = 40 conteiner
Boxes/ Cartons per pallet: 80
Pallet measurements: 1×1.2×1.8

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2022 Corona Extra Beer 330ml / 355ml Wholesale Suppliers at Antwerp Belgium. Production of Corona beer is being temporarily suspended in Mexico because of the coronavirus pandemic. Grupo Modelo, the company that makes the beer, posted the announcement on Twitter, stating that it’s halting production and marketing of its beer because the Mexican government has shuttered non-essential businesses.

Note that we do offer the labels in different languages, English, Dutch/German, Italian, Arabic, Turkish, Russian and per request from many other languages not mentioned.

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