6×1.5L Evian Natural Mineral Water

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6×1.5L Evian Natural Mineral Water

6×1.5L Evian Natural Mineral Water. We have been reducing our carbon impact and use 100% renewable energy. wholesale pallets of water
These bottles are made from 50% recycled plastic*, and we are working to make all our bottles from 100% recycled plastic. water wholesale distributors near me

Table of Nutritional Information

Composition in mg/litre
Sodium Na+6.5
Silica SiO215
Bicarbonates HCO3¯360
Sulphates SO4¯ ¯14
Chlorides Cl¯10
Nitrates NO3¯3.8
Dry residue 180° C: 345mg/L- pH = 7.2

6×1.5L Evian Natural Mineral: Table of Vitamins and Minerals Information

Composition in mg/litre
Calcium Ca++80
Magnesium Mgᐩᐩ26
Potassium K+1

 water wholesale distributors near me. Hence, Evian water starts as rain and snow in the peaks of the French Alps which is then deposited on our watershed, a unique geological landscape surrounded by mountains and glaciers. Evian water travels on a 15-year journey to the source through layers of glacial rocks which naturally protect the water from outside pollution and enrich it with naturally occurring electrolytes and minerals, which provide the distinctive, crisp taste. So, Water Evian emerges at the Source Cachat in the small French town of Evian-Les-Bains. Watch our video ‘This is Evian’ by Vice to take a tour of the beautiful place and people behind our water:

Size: 2L, also available in 330ml, 1L, 1.5L

Pet Bottles 330ml
24 Bottles Per Carton
132 Cartons Per Pallet
3168 Cartons Per Loads


Pet Bottles 500ml:
24 Bottles Per Carton
96 Cartons Per Pallet
2304 Cartons Per Loads

12 reviews for 6×1.5L Evian Natural Mineral Water

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