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Amstel Lager Beer Bottles 15x300ml

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Our Amstel Lager is not just a beer, it’s an experience to be savored, presenting itself as the perfect companion to your special moments. Celebrations or casual hangouts, BBQ parties, or solo chill sessions, encapsulate them into unforgettable memories with our premium Lager.

At Amstel, we believe in brewing to perfection so you can indulge in every sip. Order your bulk package of Amstel Lager Beer bottles (15x300ml). Discover the Dutch heritage. Relish the timeless quality. And let the Lager talk of pure refreshment.

From Amstel, to the world. Let’s raise a glass to bulk buying convenience, significant savings and superb satisfaction, right within your reach. Order your Amstel’s Lager Beer Bottles today!

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Buy Amstel Lager Beer Bottles 15x300ml in Bulk

Amstel Lager Beer Bottles 15 x 300ml. Delivering light citrus & subtle herbal hop flavours, with a clean & crisp finish

Amstel is a crisp tasting premium lager, perfect for your next get-together with family or friends.

For 150 years, Amstel has brewed a high quality beer that has the perfect balance of taste and refreshment. With a unique honey malt aroma, Amstel delivers a subtle citrus and herbal hop character with a clean finish.

Serve cold from the fridge.

Contains 15 individual 300ml bottles

At Amstel, Everyone’s Welkom. Since 1870, when it was first brewed by two friends who wanted to share a better beer, Amstel has been the perfect refreshment for enjoying the good times together.

The iconic red and white circle within the Amstel roundel represents billiard balls. The Amstel founders loved to play billiards together and the logo still represents their commitment and friendship today. Both Amstel and Amsterdam itself are named after the river Amstel, which flows through the city.

Table of Nutritional Information

Per 100ml:


  • Water,
  • Malted Barley,
  • Sugar,
  • Hop Extract

Where to Buy Amstel Beer at Cheap prices

Immerse yourself in the rich, full-bodied taste of Amstel Lager Beer. Famous for its enchanting golden hue and remarkable smoothness, Amstel presents you with an unrivaled experience of savoring an authentic Lager with a perfectly balanced hoppiness. The aroma is wonderfully malty, gently rounded out by a touch of subtle bitterness, guaranteed to create a grand sensation in every sip.

Amstel Lager Beer Bottles 15x300ml – now available in bulk – is a call out to beer aficionados, whose discerning palates will appreciate its fine quality. This is no ordinary beer! Brewed meticulously with love and precision, every Amstel bottle is a testament to our time-old tradition of making premium beer.

Whether it’s a celebration, a casual get-together, or just your every day winding down ritual, these 15 bottles are your ticket to enjoyment that lasts. Stock up for every occasion (or non-occasion), and make Amstel Lager – a beer of distinguished taste – your constant companion.

The magic for this charmingly crisp beer begins at its Dutch roots, inspired by the passion for traditional brewing. Yet, Amstel is globally loved for its ability to craft moments of relaxation into something extraordinary.

Amstel Lager’s Bulk pack promises not just an exceptional brew, but also an incredible value for money. With each 300ml bottle filled to the brim with delightful distinctive flavor, Amstel ensures you get the most of your purchase.

Make your move – choose Amstel. The trailblazer of great taste, a connoisseur’s delight, and a canvas for creating beautiful memories. Why wait? Buy your bulk Amstel Lager Beer Bottles 15x300ml today and step into a world of timeless brewing elegance draped in a wonderfully modern cloak. Experience the Amstel Difference today.

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