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AQUA Carpatica Natural Still Mineral Water 6x500ml

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$ 2,38

Natural Still Mineral Water

We lead the market in distribution and supply of AQUA Carpatica Natural Still Water. Our reputation as reliable wholesalers assures you of consistent service and quality.

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AQUA Carpatica Natural Still Mineral Water 6x500ml

AQUA Carpatica Natural Still Mineral Water 6x500ml. Natural Still Mineral Water

Naturally very low in sodium

Virtually nitrate free

Naturally alkaline

Natural electrolytes

Nature’s most perfect mineral water dedicated to health conscious people: AQUA Carpatica is sourced from the Carpathian Mountains, home to over 60% of Europe’s mineral water resources.

– Naturally very low in sodium (only 0.6 mg/l)
– Virtually nitrate free (only 0.6 mg/l)
– Naturally alkaline (pH 7.94)
– Natural electrolytes
– 20 years of natural filtration during the underground journey of the water
– Low mineral content
– Responsibly extracted and bottled at source to preserve its ideal mineral content
– All natural

AQUA Carpatica is drawn from two pristine and pure aquifers, nestled deep in the heart of the untouched Carpathian Mountains. Through a natural 20 to 40-year filtration in a location with no agriculture or industrial activity in the surrounding areas, AQUA Carpatica’s source is protected from chemicals, fertilizers, CFCs and other contaminants, meaning it is simply as natural mineral water should be; virtually nitrate free, with a crisp and refreshing taste that provides perfect purity and nourishment from the first drop to the last.

Table of Nutritional Information

Typical Analysis* (mg/l)
Sodium (Na)0.6
Nitrates (NO3)0.6
Bicarbonates (HC03)222
pH (20°C):7.94
Dry residue (180°C):197
*By NSF®

Table of Vitamins and Minerals Information

Typical Analysis* (mg/l)
Calcium (Ca)50.1
Magnesium (Mg)15.5

Additional information

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2 reviews for AQUA Carpatica Natural Still Mineral Water 6x500ml

  1. Lucienne martino

    Onde posso entrar em contato para esta bebida.

  2. Fred Alley

    We have decided to continue dealing with your company. Please send us more catalogs for soda and energy drinks. Best service ever.

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