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Budweiser Zero Alcohol Free Lager 4x330ml

Alcohol free beer


Budweiser Zero Alcohol Free Lager 4x330ml

Budweiser Zero Alcohol Free Lager 4x330ml. budweiser zero for sale in bulk.

Alcohol free beer. Budweiser Zero is available in 12-pack 330ml cans and 16oz single cans, with the addition of 6-pack 330ml cans coming in December 2020. Budweiser Zero is an beer free with alcohol brew strictly for adults 21 years of age or older.

The world renowned Budweiser taste

46 cals

0g sugar

Type: American Alcohol Free Lager
ABV: 0%
Overall Impression: Light bodied alcohol free lager with clean, crisp, dry finish

Budweiser Zero, zero alcohol, zero sugar and only 46 calories, with the same iconic taste of budweiser. It is brewed with premium budweiser barley, hop and malt through the same expert beechwood ageing technique that delivers the smoothness of budweiser, as well as a revolutionary 4x-cold-filtration process.

Table of Nutritional Information

per 100 mlper 330 ml
Energy58 kJ /
14 kcal
191 kJ /
46 kcal
Fat0 g0 g
of which saturates0 g0 g
Carbohydrates3.3 g11.0 g
of which sugars0.1 g0.3 g
Protein0.1 g0.3 g
Salt<0.1 g<0.1 g


  • Water,
  • Barley Malt,
  • Rice,
  • Hops,
  • Natural Flavours


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