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Coors Lager 24x330mL


Coors Lager 24x330ml

Coors Lager 24x330ml. Coors Lager is an old school American beer you can count on. Bright and refreshing, this beer is light in colour with a smoother body, with plenty of bubbles for a quality kick. There’s bags of fruity flavour on offer with this one.

Crisp in taste, with a brilliant, bright appearance and low in carbs, our beer is bottled at the peak of freshness, so that every Coors starts cold and refreshing, and ends the same smooth way. 

Varietal: International Beer

Liquor Style: Lager

Beer Type: Lager

Country Of Origin: USA

IBU: 6

Alcohol: %4.2%

Standard Drinks: 1.1

Liquor Size: 330mL

Closure Type: Can Closure

Brewery: 1.1

Brand: Coors

1 review for Coors Lager 24x330mL

  1. Bradford Stanish

    Please we are an NGO in Ukraine. Can we have some free lager?

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