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Evian Natural Mineral Water 12x330ml

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Evian Natural Mineral Water 12x330ml

Evian Natural Mineral Water 12x330ml. Buy bottled water in bulk Carbon Trust, Carbon Neutral 
evian is now carbon neutral in the UK 
We have been reducing our carbon impact and use 100% renewable energy. These bottles contain recycled plastic*, and we are working to make our bottles from 100% recycled plastic. 

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Table of Nutritional Information

Composition in mg/litre
Sodium Na+6.5
Silica SiO215
Bicarbonates HCO3-360
Sulphates SO4–14
Chlorides CI-10
Nitrates NO3-3.8
Dry residue 180°C: 345mg/L- pH = 7.2

Table of Vitamins and Minerals Information

Composition in mg/litre
Calcium Ca++80
Magnesium Mg++26
Potassium K+1

1 review for Evian Natural Mineral Water 12x330ml

  1. Ferdinan A.

    Decidimos continuar a lidar com a sua empresa. Por favor, envie-nos mais catálogos de refrigerantes e bebidas energéticas. Melhor serviço de sempre.

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