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Nastro Azzurro Bottles Beer 5.1% Alcohol 24x330ml

$ 18,00

Beers under the Peroni brand include: Crystall, a 5.6% abv pale lager; Peroni Gran Riserva, a 6.6% abv strong lager; Peroncino, a 5% pale lager; Peroni Leggera, a 3.5% pale lager. The company also produces the Wührer brand – a 4.7% pale lager launched in Brescia in 1829. The main brands are Peroni and Nastro Azzurro.

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Wholesales Nastro Azzurro Bottles 5.1% Alcohol Beer Supplier

In 1963, the Peroni family had a vision to create a beer that would embody Italian values of quality and craftsmanship. Wholesales Nastro Azzurro Bottles 5.1% Alcohol Beer Supplier. Peroni Brewery  is a brewing company, founded by Francesco Peroni in Vigevano, Italy in 1846. It is probably best known worldwide for its pale lager. Moreover, Nastro Azzurro (5.0%) ABV), which was the 13th best-selling beer in the United Kingdom in 2010.

By 2016, Peroni owned by Miller Brands U.K. of SABMiller. As part of the agreements made with regulators before Anheuser-Busch InBev allowed to acquire SABMiller, the company sold Peroni to Asahi Breweries on 13 October 2016.

It was a combination of climate, close proximity to the mountains – where ice and glacial water was plentiful. More so, the quality of ingredients that helped to create such a distinctive pale, medium-strength beer. Brewed with the same flair and attention to detail through three generations of master brewers, while using the finest ingredients, including our exclusive Nostrano dell’Isola maize.

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  • TASTE & FLAVOUR – Peroni Nastro Azzurro is a crisp and refreshing beer crafted with passion and flair to offer a delicate balance of bitterness and subtle citrus aromatic notes. Peroni beer price
  • CRAFTMANSHIP – Peroni Nastro Azzurro has been brewed to the same quality with attention to detail & craftsmanship since 1963 which is why it is the number 1 Super Premium lager in the UK today & is served in the most stylish bars & restaurants worldwide
  • ITALIAN STYLE – In recent years, Peroni unveiled a sleek new change of style which saw the biggest overhaul of the brand in almost two decades. The redesign to the bottle and style carried out with a nod to the brand’s Italian style and heritage
  • FINEST INGREDIENTS – Peroni Nastro Azzurro uses only the finest ingredients including our Nostrano dell’Isola maize which is grown exclusively for us. Combined with the highest quality hops Saaz-Saaz and Hallertau Magnum to produce our iconic beers

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Our beer brewed with Italian passion and superior ingredients for a uniquely uplifting taste. We describe Peroni Nastro Azzurro as a pale golden, crisp and refreshing beer, with a delicate balance of bitterness, citrus and aromatic notes and a fast, clean finish. It’s a modern Italian masterpiece.


Grown exclusively in the Lombardi region, irrigated by molten snow from the Alps.


Tasted daily by the master brewer, to ensure that it is of the highest purity and softness.


Our barley delivers elegant malt flavours. The variant’s bigger, more regular grain kernels ensure consistent flavour.


For crisp refreshment we use two types of premium hops; bitter and aromatic.

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