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Volvic Mineral Water 12×1.5 Litre

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$ 5,25

Volvic Mineral Water for Sale

Introducing Volvic – the epitome of pure, refreshing hydration. Our mineral water is not just a drink, but a celebration of nature’s perfection, bottled with utmost care and precision. Hailing from the untouched volcanic regions of France, each drop carries the essence of purity at its finest, making Volvic more than just mineral water. Volvic Water 1.5 Litre

At Volvic, we believe in the power of wholesome hydration at a price that respects your budget. In a world where quality often summons high costs, we disrupt this narrative by offering premium mineral water for sale in bulk tailoring to your needs, all while maintaining affordability. Unleash the benefits of nature’s unspoiled bounty with every sip. Volvic’s mineral water imparts an array of health benefits that transcends beyond quenching your thirst. Enriched with essential mineral components, our water promotes your overall well-being, be it enhancing physical performance or boosting mental vitality. Volvic water wholesale suppliers

With Volvic by your side, you’re embracing a lifestyle fuelled by health, vitality, and affordability. Invite the refreshing taste of absolute purity into your everyday life – start hydrating with Volvic’s mineral water, and allow us to quench your thirst while nourishing your wellness. Experience Volvic – your all-natural, affordable, and bountiful supply of nature’s finest hydration. Now, freshness, purity, and health are no longer a luxury but a norm that fits perfectly into your balanced life. Where can i buy volvic water

Note: We ensure to follow stringent measures for safe and hygienic packaging and delivery, ensuring the untouched quality of our mineral water making the journey from our springs to your doorstep. So why wait? Choose Volvic. Choose health. Choose affordability.

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Volvic Mineral Water 12×1.5 Litre

Volvic Mineral Water 12×1.5 Litre suppliers online. Filtered through volcanic rocks for thousands of years, Volvic Natural Water is simply refreshing and delicious. Perfect for catering and hospitality use, this high quality water provides a superior taste. The 1.5 litre size is perfect for a refreshing drink, suited to bars, cafes and cafeterias. This pack contians 12 bottles. volvic water bulk buy at cheap price.

  • Bottled water for added freshness
  • Provides excellent hydration
  • Doesn’t have the taint of some tap waters
  • Suitable for restaurants, cafes and cafeterias
  • 1.5 litre, Pack of 12 prices

Volvic Mineral Water is sourced from the pristine surroundings of the Auvergne volcanic region in France. It seeps through six layers of volcanic rock, collecting a distinct blend of life-essential minerals that lend it an extraordinary taste as well as health-enhancing properties. Volvic Mineral Water distributors and Wholesaler

Volvic mineral water

Specifications of Mineral Water

Our mineral water serves as an ideal choice for individuals, families, events, offices, or any setting where optimal hydration is the priority. With Volvic, you don’t settle for less; you choose purity, you choose health, and you choose value for money.

With easy and reliable bulk purchase options, Volvic ensures that the wholesomeness of our mineral water is conveniently available to you whenever you need it. It’s not just about quenching your thirst. It’s about enriching your body, boosting your health, and rejuvenating your spirit.

Consumer Logistsics Lead Time997
AOS Catalogue page number712
Batteries IncludedNo
Contains Batteries (Y/N)No
Minimum Recycled Content (%)25
Pack Contains12
Returns AllowedNo
Fair Trade (Y/N)No
Green ProductNo
Recycled ProductYes

Where to Buy Volvic Mineral Water

Experience pure rejuvenation with Volvic, your premium source of Mineral Water. Antwerp Drinks Wholesales offering an invigorating blend of nature’s simplest yet most essential creation – water. Volvic brings to your doorstep the very essence of life procured from pristine sources, filtered naturally through volcanic rocks, and packed straight from the spring. Indulge yourself in the crisp, clean, and refreshing taste of Volvic Mineral Water for sale.  Which is more than just hydration – it’s a whole-body refreshment. Rich in essential minerals and low in sodium, our water is a perfect companion for a health-conscious lifestyle aiming for a harmonious balance of the body and mind. volvic water wholesale

As leaders in the industry, Volvic is proud to offer high-quality Mineral Water. Furthermore, noticeable for its unique flavor, in bulk at low cost. We believe that everyone deserves to access clean, premium drinking water without breaking the bank. Our cost-effective prices ensure that restaurants, households, offices, events — undoubtedly any place that needs lucidity and vitality — can provide the very best to their clientele, family, or staff.

Volvic does not compromise on the environment either. Our water is sustainably sourced to ensure minimum impact on our precious ecosystems. Our packaging is recyclable, promoting eco-friendly practices. volvic water pallet

With Volvic, you are not just buying a bottle of water; you are investing in your wellbeing, contributing to environmental conservation, and saving money all at once! So, get refreshed, get revitalized, and stay hydrated with Volvic Mineral Water – the divine taste of purity in every drop! evian water wholesale distributors


Naturally pure* and with a unique mineral content, Volvic Natural Mineral Water can be consumed by all people of all ages. With its mineral composition and purity, it is refreshing and has a crisp, fresh taste. As a natural mineral water, Volvic is characterized by its pristine purity*. Fully protected from pollution, no chemical treatment is applied when extracting Volvic water from the source in full accordance with the regulation. From source to bottle, Volvic water has no human contact. The French Ministry of Health recognised Volvic as a natural mineral water in 1965, in accordance with the regulation for all natural mineral waters.

Natural mineral water is one of the healthiest drinks there is – after all, Mother Nature knows best what’s good for us. That’s why we make each and every refreshing Volvic beverage with a handful of 100% natural aromas, less or no sugar and with as few other ingredients as possible. It’s part of our overall objective to make sure we’re always acting for the better.


We know how important it is to stay hydrated, and we want that our flavored products to facilitate your daily intake and also help you stay refreshed in a healthy and enjoyable way. We ensure that our beverages are better than most sugary drinks, so they’re: Volvic Mineral Water distributors and Wholesaler


Not only that, but, as a B Corp, we create our drinks in a process that incorporates carbon neutrality and circularity to ensure that we’re doing right by the planet . We also care about sustainable agriculture, supporting the creation of good food with good practices. This is also why, some of our carbon emissions offsetting projects support sustainable agriculture initiatives. In other words, you can sip your Volvic drinks knowing they’re helping us work towards our vision of stronger people, stronger planet. Volvic Mineral Water distributors and Wholesaler

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