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Monin Premium Syrups Wholesale Distributors

Monin Premium Syrups Wholesale Distributors

Monin Premium Wholesale Distributors at antwerp drinks wholesale. With more than 100 Monin premium syrups, this selection of high-quality flavors offers a wide range that can instantly transform any drink from ordinary to extraordinary.

At Monin, we cater to a variety of hospitality professionals, chefs, bartenders and baristas. If your bar has a signature drink, your wedding needs a memorable beverage, or your coffee shop wants to explore new flavors, we have a flavored syrup that will exceed your taste expectations.

And, whether you choose our Apple Pie Syrup, our Gingerbread Syrup, or anything in between, we know you’ll love our highly concentrated, completely authentic flavors. Along with our premium syrups, we offer sugar-free syrups to please your diverse tastes.

For over 100 years, Monin has offered custom taste solutions that please hospitality professionals and satisfy customers. With so much industry experience, we know how to bring you the superior flavored syrups you expect from us.

To order your syrup of choice, browse our premium syrups our sugar-free syrups . Then, put our flavors to good use by exploring our delicious recipes , which we update monthly.

Base 6 Liquors For Your Home Bar

Understanding the differences between these 6 base liquors will allow you to use them more effectively in your cocktails and mixed drinks.

  1. Vodka – Vodka is an odorless, colorless spirit distilled from potatoes, corn, rye, grapes or wheat.
  2. Gin – Like vodka, gin is a clear spirit and it mixes well with other ingredients.
  3. Whiskey – Whisk(e)y is a spirit that’s distilled from fermented grains. Whisk(e)y is aged/matured in wooden barrels for a period of time after distillation. The wooden barrels impart flavors, aromas, and color onto the whisk(e)y.
  4. Rum – A spirit made by fermenting and then distilling sugarcane molasses or sugarcane juice.
  5. Tequila – Made from distilling fermented blue agave (a plant native to Mexico) juice. Its golden color generally comes from the addition of caramel as opposed to any barrel aging.
  6. Brandy – Made by distilling fermented grapes (essentially, it’s like distilling wine). And these brandies are almost always accompanied with an age statement.


Nothing says summer quite like juicy, ripe watermelon! Our watermelon flavors deliver the succulent and sweet taste you love year-round. Add fresh melon flavor to sodas, slushes, teas, cocktails, and more. Get ready to lose your rind with 10% OFF* these featured flavors through the month of July.

Monin Premium Syrups Wholesale Distributors


  • Watermelons are made up of 92% water — refreshing!
  • The heaviest watermelon on record weighed in at over 350 pounds.
  • A single watermelon takes approximately 90 days to grow, from seed to harvest.