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Which are the top-selling lagers in Spain

Which are the top-selling lagers in Spain?

Which are the top-selling lagers in Spain. Spain is likewise known to create an incredible number of famous brews that are top choices in nations across the globe. We as a whole have our own inclinations.  Nonetheless, as per a new overview by customer freedoms association OCU, the most famous brews sold in this nation have next to no person, and then some or less all taste something similar. There isn’t one that truly stands apart over any of the others. 

OCU examined a sum of 31 brands of brew. 21 of them were arranged as should be expected (the most burned-through) and the other 10 fell into the unique classification.  During the review, factors like organization, fixings, naming and taste were thought of, and it was uncovered that the best brands from the exceptional classification were Ambar and Estrella Galicia, while Hipercor Lager is the best sort of exemplary brew.
Which are the top-selling lagers in Spain


Costs range from 0,70 euro a liter, which is the least expensive, to 2,13 euro a liter, making the normal around 1,28 euro.  Clearly, the least expensive are the lesser-known or store brands and the most costly are those that have been imported. Well known Spanish brands of lager are by and large some place in the center.

Lack of quality

The review has shown that overall the most burned-through brands of brew are not those with the best quality. 33% of those tried didn’t score over the OK imprint concerning taste. In spite of this, not a solitary one of them really bombed all things considered. 
In the uncommon brew classification, the brands that scored the most elevated included:
  • Ambar Especial Lager
  • Estrella Galicia Especial
  • Stark Especial (Mercadona)
  • Condis Premium Pilsener (Condis)

Famous brands of lager that didnt passage just as expected include:

  • Estrella Damm (12th)
  • Amstel Premium (15th)
  • Mahou Clásica (16th)
  • Mahou 5 Estrellas (20th)
  • Cruzcampo Pilsen (22nd)
  • San Miguel Premium Especial (25th)

Thus, the 10 top-selling lagers in Spain are:

  • Ambar Especial Lager
  • Estrella Galicia Especial
  • Hipercor Lager
  • Condis Premium Pilneser
  • Aurum (Eroski) Especial
  • Alhambra Premium Lager
  • Falsbourg (E.Leclerc) Cerveza
  • Stark (Mercadona) Especial
  • Alhambra Especial
  • Heineken Lager Premium