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Wholesale Ciroc – Vodka

Wholesale Ciroc – Vodka – Luxury French Vodka 700ML Distributor and Trader

Wholesale Ciroc – Vodka – Luxury French Vodka 700ML Distributor and Trader located in Antwerp. We provide quality service with fast delivery with 3 days in EU countries.

Original Ciroc Vodka Luxury French Vodka low price

 Ciroc – Vodka – Luxury French Vodka 70CL Bottle.Receive FREE ground shipping on your purchase of three or more bottles of any CIROC product. Only available for a limited time. Cannot be combined with any other promotional offers.

CÎROC is one of the world’s only vodkas created entirely from grapes. Produced from French grapes harvested when frozen, cold-fermented, distilled five times and packaged in a heavy bottle, CÎROC brings the fine art of wine-production to ultra-premium vodka. The sweet complexity of distilled grapes, clean finish and absence of alcohol burn, CÎROC Vodka can be savored alone or mixed to release the true flavors in every cocktail.

With a name that means “rock peak,” CÎROC Vodka is perfect for a Wedding, College Graduation, or Birthday gift; a Father’s or Mother’s Day present; or simply to say “Congratulations” for any occasion.

Please Drink Responsibly.

Wholesale Ciroc – Vodka – Luxury French Vodka 700ML Distributor and Trader. We distribute and export lots of Drinks, Vodkas and Whiskys. All products are original brand and Authentic offered by the manufacturer. We supply quality products,  best offer price according to you order quantity.

Also from Ciroc Branded Vodka Distillery We Have This Available in stock.

  • Pineapple · €25.02
  • Apple · €28.31
  • Vodka (1.75L) · €75.09
  • Mango · €24.09
  • Vodka (1L) · €41.93
  • Red Berry · €26.13
  • Vodka (3L) · €158.69
  • Vodka (6L) · €349.23
  • French Vanilla · €31.43
  • Summer Watermelon · €34.43

Bulk Packaging of Ciroc – Vodka – Whiskey

6 bottle carton box or 12 bottle carton box

6 x 75cl Cases
1 Bottle = 750ml
6 Bottles / Case
1 Pallet = 112 cases

10 Pallets per 20 FCL = 1120 Cases
Total : 6720 Bottles / 20 FCL

40 FCL:
20 Pallets per 40 fcl = 2240 Cases
Total : 13440 Bottles / 40 FCL

Vodka Distributors Vodka Wholesale

12 x 75cl Cases
20 FCL
1 Bottle = 750ml
12 Bottles / Case
1 Pallet = 56 cases
10 Pallets per 20 FCL = 560 Cases

Wholesale Ciroc – Vodka – Luxury French Vodka 700ML Distributor and Trader. We Have Jack Daniels, chives regal, Black label, Glenfiddich, hennessy vsop, and many other wines, spirits and whiskey in large stock. Best prices offered. We do fast and safe worldwide delivery. please contact us now for more details. You can also send us a text message or call us directly for more information using the phone number on our contact page. Discounts are currently being offered. Get in touch now.

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