Guinness Beer Bottle 8 – 33 cl Made in Ireland

Guinness is brewed in 50 countries around the world. It requires 6 to 8 litres of water to make 1 litre of Guinness Stout. This dark beer with Irish origins has been brewed for 250 years. The brewery is located in St James’ Gate, Dublin, since 1759.

Guinness is a stout-type beer, a top-fermented dark beer produced from roasted barley malt. The foam is white, compact and creamy. Stout beer is perceived as black in color, in reality it is classified as “Dark Ruby” and what distinguishes Guinness is the fact that it is a robust beer, as opposed to English lagers, pilsners and other pale ones. We are dealing with a stout, dark, thick and creamy with aftertaste to be discovered while savoring.


Product Type
Foreign extra stout
The toasted flavor (like coffee) with a strong dark grain flavor.
Place of Origin
Brand Name
33 cl bottle
7.5 %

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