Estrella Galicia World Lager 24x330ml

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Estrella Galicia World Lager 24x330ml

Estrella Galicia World Lager 24x330ml. ¿Cuántos grados tiene la cerveza Estrella de Galicia?

Independent family-owned brewery since 1906.

Alcohol by volume: 4.7% Something of a cult beer in its Spanish homeland and brewed by a fourth generation family owned company. It’s a great summertime thirst quencher with its crisp grassy bite.

cerveza estrella galicia

2 reviews for Estrella Galicia World Lager 24x330ml

  1. Fletcher Thompson

    100% man of his word Mr. Darsi. Delivery arrived as stated in contract. Much appreciated.

  2. Michael Bloomfield

    Lase teliya la, sɔngɔ ɲuman, fɛn ɲumanba

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