Refreshingly Light Elderflower Fever-Tree Tonic Water 8x150ml

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Refreshingly Light Elderflower Fever-Tree Tonic Water 8x150ml

Refreshingly Light Elderflower Fever-Tree Tonic Water 8x150ml. High quality tonic water 24x200ml and 500ml available wholesalers.

Refreshingly Light Elderflower Tonic Water

Made with natural flavours including handpicked elderflowers

Delicious and low in calories

Contains natural flavours

No artificial sweeteners

We believe gin is only as good as the tonic water it’s paired with. That’s why, at Fever-Tree, everything we do starts and ends with taste. In our quest for the perfect tonic water, we spent days in the British Library researching quinine sources before travelling to some of the most remote parts of the world, venturing as far as the Democratic Republic of the Congo to find quinine of the highest quality.

By blending the gentle bitterness of quinine with fruit sugars and the delicate, sweet notes of elderflowers that are handpicked in Gloucestershire, we’ve created a delicious, reduced and calorie Elderflower Tonic Water. A refreshing floral variation of our Premium Indian Tonic Water but with 32% fewer calories. Enjoy this summery twist on a classic G&T or as a sophisticated soft drink.

Charles & Tim
Fever-Tree Co-Founders

As named by the world’s Tonic of Choice top bars and restaurants*
*Named tonic of choice by majority of world’s top bars and restaurants surveyed. Leslie Henry Researched, 2016.

Table of Nutritional Information

(per 100ml)
Energy:80kJ, 19kcal
Total Fat:0g
of which saturates:0g
of which sugars:4.7g


  • Carbonated Spring Water,
  • Fructose (Fruit Sugar),
  • Fresh Elderflower Extract,
  • Acid: Citric Acid,
  • Natural Flavourings including Natural Quinine
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2 reviews for Refreshingly Light Elderflower Fever-Tree Tonic Water 8x150ml

  1. vela

    Jos joku haluaa ostaa viimeisimmän valmistuspäivän.
    Sen jälkeen heidän täytyy käydä nopeasti tässä myymälässä ja olla koko ajan ajan tasalla.

  2. Anya Niles

    ADW is the only distributors I have found to work correctly. I have tried two different sellers and they failed and was not able to get money back.

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